Quality Control and Accreditation Committee



Dr. BiessanMohammad         Rapporteur

Prof. Mahmoud Abu Samak

Dr. RanaAbyFarha

Dr. HussamAbazaid

Dr. Reem Abu Tayeh

MSc. ManalAyyash

MSc. Alaa Abu Hammad



To meet the requirements, standards and conditions of the accreditation body of higher education institutions for scientific disciplines at the university as follows: 

  • Assure compliance with the standards of quality control as followed at higher education and other institutions

  • Communicate with national and international bodies to obtain institutional accreditation and academic programs

  • Participate in the development of faculty plans to obtain institutional and program accreditation

  • Coordinate with the faculty departments to ensure that quality standards are applied and to determine the extent of compliance.

  • Assure the awareness of faculty members at the college with the requirements of institutional and program accreditation

  • Assure all quality control requirements are met

  • Conduct periodic testing to determine compliance and apply quality standards

  • Documenting the evaluation of teachers, students, educational attainment, laboratories and facilities

  • Assess compliance with quality-related procedures that facilitate assessment of exams, teaching methods, scientific research, academic and scientific level, and committees

  • Gather statistics about the departments and the faculty

  • Gather rules, laws and decisions

  • Participate in meetings of the quality committee at the university level

  • Provide the academic departments with the necessary data and statistics to enable them to prepare the annual report of the department according to the standards of international and national accreditation institutions